Michael Hugman

Global Director, Climate

Mike is responsible for overseeing CIFF’s work on ending fossil fuel finance and accelerating the climate transition through the development and financing of climate action plans for corporates, banks and countries. CIFF funds a wide range of climate finance organisations including CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), Transition Pathway Initiative, Carbon Tracker and also regulatory initiatives such as the ISSB and TNFD.

Previously, he worked across the investment industry, most recently as a Portfolio Manager for NinetyOne (Investec), where he also led ESG and Data Science initiatives, including collaboration with WWF and the LSE. Before that, he worked as an economist and strategist for the hedge fund Amiya Capital, and for Standard Bank London. From 2005-7 he was a technical advisor to the Budget Office of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance. He holds an MPhil in Economics and an MA in PPE, both from the University of Oxford.