Every child deserves to survive and thrive.

Using data and evidence for impact at scale.

Investing in the next generation

Children are too important to save one at a time.

We invest our assets and energies where the evidence tells us there is the greatest potential for large-scale impact.

We seek transformational change.

We only pursue investments that have the power to influence and bring about lasting change in global practice.

It's an investment,
not a gift.

We invest selectively based on cost-effectiveness and clear returns for children.

Michael Anderson CEO
Only by investing in data and evidence can we measure the impact of what we do with partners. Without measurement we are guessing.
Annual Review from CEO, Michael Anderson
Evaluating Impact

Reducing under–five mortality in Uganda

Living Goods is saving the lives of under–5s and creating livelihoods for micro-entrepreneurs

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Investing in children

CIFF has a growing portfolio of large-scale investments. Over the last five years, we have increased our level of investment by 45% per annum and in 2013 we invested $106 million for children and climate.

Our investments