Bringing business principles to development, we work with partners to achieve urgent and lasting change for children at scale.

Children are too important to save one at a time

With a strong financial base, we have a growing portfolio of charitable grants with a value of over three-quarters of a billion dollars. In the 2020 financial year, grant disbursements were $344 million.

New grants were approved across our priority areas of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health,  healthnutritioneducation and deworming,  along with child protection, and smart ways to slow down and stop climate change.


In partnership across geographies

With offices in London, Nairobi and New Delhi. Our grants are distributed across the globe, with Sub-Saharan Africa receiving the largest share.


We invest for impact at scale

For more information on CIFF’s finances see our latest Annual Report. For more on CIFF’s funding go to the grant portfolio tool which shows all current and contracted grants, along with descriptions on their intended impact, and the latest data and results where available.


CIFF does not fundraise from the public, as we are a privately funded organisation.