We are in the process of updating our grant portfolio tool. Some of this information may be out of date but a new version of the tool will be available in the coming months.
01 Dec 2015

New Transparency Policy

Sharing data is an important part of our grant-making

Today, we launch our first Transparency Policy . We are committed to sharing as much information as possible about what we and our partners are learning. This is part of an increasing effort in the development sector to make more information widely accessible to inform strategies, plan interventions and manage resources effectively.

We aim to make as much content as possible freely available through open licensing, such as a Creative Commons license. This includes development work, research and data funded by CIFF. For instance, CIFF-funded peer-reviewed research articles which would have gone behind a publication’s pay-wall will now be freely available.

Opening the global knowledge bank will help speed up the transformational change required for every child to survive and thrive, today and in the future.

Our policy supports and is informed by peers and international policies, including those that guide public funding.

Details of the policy and how it applies to grantees and consultants can be found in this Implementation Guide. We recognise that complying with this policy may entail additional costs, and we will work with grantees to support these costs.

In addition we have committed to join the International Aid Transparency Initiative in 2016.