Aug 2014 – Dec 2021




Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia – Global

To create a sustainable global market for Sayana Press to increase access to an innovative contraceptive choice for girls and women

$43,075,001 Grant Value


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220 million girls and women in developing countries want to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy but lack access to contraception. Girls in particular often encounter barriers to accessing contraception. That may be due to discrimination about age and gender, or as the result of the stigma associated with sex outside of marriage. Increasing user-controlled choices through self-treatment and self-diagnosis empowers girls and is a pillar of our adolescent sexual health strategy.

Contraceptive self-injection with Sayana Press (subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate, or DMPA-SC) is a cornerstone of this vision, bringing with it the potential to transform the family planning landscape. Sayana Press makes low-cost, easy-to-use protection against unintended pregnancy widely available for women and particularly adolescent girls.

CIFF has been a leader in this field since 2014, with support in three areas: 

  • Evidence: Demonstrating the feasibility, acceptability, and cost-effectiveness of Sayana Press self-injection
  • Supply and affordability: Partnering with manufacturers to reduce prices, expand registration, and ensure the availability of generic options over time. 
  • Scale up: Supporting the introduction of this new contraceptive choice in the private and public sectors, expanding training, and developing coordination mechanisms to help countries plan for increases in demand.


Our current programme has performed strongly, giving us confidence to expand our investments over time. A new partnership announced in May 2017 further reduced the price of Sayana Press to $0.85 per unit – a substantial reduction which has the potential to unlock significant growth in countries’ adoption of the product. 

We estimate that by 2022 there will be over 12 million regular users of DMPA-SC, a quarter of which will be self-injecting.