May 2018 – Apr 2020

Centre for Climate Integrity



Multiple countries – Global

To accelerate climate action by supporting climate litigation throughout the world that promotes climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

$7,000,000 Grant Value

$400,000 evaluation budget

This investment will initiate, coordinate and support ground-breaking cases in multiple countries. It will also promote the “polluter pays principle” as a new narrative for citizen activism and for local and national climate policy.

The investment will support the development of cutting edge research on attribution science, health impacts and economics to provide evidence needed to build precedent-setting cases; sharing knowledge and evidence with the wider field.


This investment will support the creation of a global ‘polluter pays’ narrative to drive strong compliance with existing laws and set a new precedence for ambitious laws on climate action.

Reducing emissions by 3 billion tonnes of CO2 is like shutting 788 coal plants for one full year (that's over one third of all the coal plants in the world)