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Feb 2017 – Dec 2018

Climate Briefing Service



Multiple Countries – Global

To provide actionable insight on the global response to climate change. To help align and communicate national efforts, and provide real-time information to key policy-makers and advocates.

$700,000 Grant Value


  • Climate Briefing Service

Other funders

  • ClimateWorks Foundation -

  • Hewlett Foundation

The Climate Briefing Service provides high-quality political analysis of key aspects of international climate discussions. Many climate discussions and concepts are highly complex and often difficult to understand, particularly for those outside of the formal UN process. CBS translates this complexity for its audiences, providing unbranded, jargon-free, sector-relevant interpretations for others to use in their own policy and advocacy work, providing its network with evidence-based resources for tactical interventions. 


CBS plays an instrumental role in aligning strategy, advocacy as well as communication and messages amongst its key stakeholder group. In doing so it supports its network to advocate for a strong global climate action and ambition.