Grant portfolio

We seek urgent and lasting change for children.

$44.6m Reducing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Zimbabwe
$32.4m Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Nigeria (Phase 1)
$25.6m European Climate Foundation
$17.3m A new portable point-of-care paediatric AIDS diagnostic machine: SAMBA
$14.2m Rwanda Stunting Prevention
$13.5m Choice4Change: Preventing unintended teenage pregnancy in Kenya
$12.9m Nutrition Advocacy
$12.9m Kenya National Deworming Programme
$11.9m Improving Maternal and Newborn Health Care in Ethiopia
$9.6m C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
$9.5m Climate strategic litigation Europe
$9.4m China Coal Consumption Cap Plan and Policy Research Project
$9.4m China Air Quality
$9.0m Reconciling food production and forest protection in Brazil
$8.8m Curbing Brazil’s transport emissions trajectory by transforming city mobility
$8.7m Harvard Ministerial Leadership in Health Programme
$8.3m Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Latin America
$8.0m China Sustainable Cities Project Phase 1
$7.7m Reducing child mortality in Bihar through improved hand washing
$7.4m Accelerating implementation of nutrition services in Bangladesh
$7.2m Accelerating momentum towards a global phase down of HFCs (Phase 2)
$6.7m Guinea Worm Eradication
$6.6m Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS)
$6.2m Oral Rehydration Salts & Zinc Treatments
$6.2m Mother Assisted Nutritive Aid (MANA)
$6.1m Valuing Corporate Carbon
$6.0m Accelerating momentum towards a global phase down of HFCs (Phase 1)
$5.7m Driving action & accountability on nutrition commitments
$5.6m Protecting trafficked children
$5.6m Helping Babies Breathe
$5.4m Break transmission through support for the Lunsar Ebola Treatment Centre
$5.2m African Leaders Malaria Alliance Scorecard (ALMA)
$4.6m Breaking the transmission of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia
$4.3m Working with business to capture and store carbon through reforestation in Brazil
$4.2m 21st Century Power Partnership Mexico
$3.8m Reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Zimbabwe (Phase 2)
$3.7m Uwezo - Creating Public Demand for Quality Education
$3.4m Safe Childbirth Checklist - Rajasthan
$3.3m Treating acutely malnourished children in Rajasthan (POSHAN)
$3.0m Supporting the roll-out of contraceptive implants in Ethiopia
$2.8m China Carbon Pricing (Phase 1)
$2.6m Breaking the transmission of Ebola in Guinea
$2.5m Essential medical supplies for mothers and children in Sierra Leone
$2.4m Helping governments provide quality education
$2.3m Early Learning Partnership (Phase 1)
$2.0m Evaluating National Offers on Global Temperature Change
$2.0m Breaking transmission through immediate medical support in Sierra Leone & Liberia
$1.9m Testing a commercial approach to tackling maternal malnutrition
$1.9m Improving the evidence for early intervention
$1.7m Helping children affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone
$1.5m Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project
$1.5m Years of Living Dangerously
$1.4m Nigeria Target Mapping
$1.4m Understanding the Economic Impacts of Child Marriage
$1.2m Alternative formulations of Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (Phase 1)
$1.2m Nigeria Saving One Million Lives
$1.2m Improving mother & child nutrition in Bangladesh
$1.2m Evaluation of the Income Support for the Poorest Programme (ISPP)
$1.0m Galli Galli Sim Sim (Phase 1)
$1.0m Action Against Child Trafficking
$1.0m Early Childhood Education Metrics
$1.0m Child-friendly Criminal Justice System
$1.0m Support for a child friendly criminal justice system
$1.0m Strengthening nutrition advocacy around the world
$0.9m Illuminating global supply chains to eliminate child labour
$0.9m Advancing Global HIV Paediatric Policy
$0.9m Operational and Implementation Research in Kenya
$0.9m Working with youth to break Ebola transmission in Sierra Leone
$0.8m Jamie Oliver's nutrition campaign
$0.8m Climate Briefing Service
$0.8m Neglected Tropical Diseases Modelling Consortium
$0.8m Nutrition and malaria treatment in Northern Nigeria
$0.7m Increasing city climate action to support the 2015 climate negotations
$0.7m SheDecides Support Unit
$0.7m Kenya's Future Leaders Programme
$0.7m India Power Sector Scoping
$0.7m China Environmental Governance
$0.6m From promise to impact - The Global Nutrition Report
$0.6m Soil Transmitted Helminth (STH) Coalition
$0.6m Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
$0.6m UN Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team
$0.5m Access to Nutrition Index
$0.5m ClientEarth Extension 2017
$0.5m ClientEarth: Organisational Effectiveness Review
$0.5m Empowering grassroots & youth-led movements
$0.5m 2050 Pathways Platform
$0.5m China Power Sector Reform Roundtable
$0.5m Perinatal Survival in India and Kenya
$0.5m ICDS Reforms - Consumer Research Phase
$0.5m Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
$0.5m Tanzania policy and action on nutrition
$0.4m Mapping nutrition indicators
$0.4m Nigeria Saving One Million Lives State Support
$0.4m Stories of Change
$0.4m Better Finance, Better Development, Better Climate
$0.4m Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance
$0.4m Every Newborn Measurement (Phase 1)
$0.4m Bihar Child Support Programme: A Conditional Cash Transfer Pilot
$0.4m Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice (Phase 2)
$0.3m Supporting the Carbon Transparency Initiative
$0.3m China Coal Power Finance
$0.3m India Early Childhood Education Longitudinal Study
$0.3m National Information Network on Child Trafficking
$0.3m Bolstering grassroots movements in Kenya & Rajasthan
$0.2m Reducing transmission of Ebola by working with communities
$0.2m Source Material
$0.2m Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
$0.2m Promoting safe sex among African youth through MTV Shuga
$0.2m Unleashing adolescents' voices
$0.2m Adding It Up for Adolescents
$0.1m Human Centred Design Community of Practice
$0.1m Global Response to the Reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule
$0.1m Working to get greenhouse gas emissions on track to net-zero
$0.1m Report on 'Active Deterrent' law enforcement operations
$0.1m Protecting climate change leadership
$0.1m Easing the blow: Industrial Transition Evidence Review
$0.1m Coalition for Global Prosperity
$0.1m Higher climate standards UK
$0.1m Ensuring accountability for every mother & every newborn

Grant values are calculated at the prevailing US dollar rate at the date of the contract.