Grant portfolio

We seek urgent and lasting change for children.

$55.0m The Power of Nutrition
$46.6m Accelerating children's HIV treatment in Africa
$45.0m Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Nigeria (Phase 2)
$29.7m Sustainable Undernutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE!)
$29.4m European Climate Foundation
$25.0m Human papilloma virus vaccinations for adolescent girls
$24.0m C40: Carbon neutral cities by 2050
$23.6m Early Learning Partnership (Phase 2)
$22.3m China Sustainable Cities Project Phase 2
$22.0m Global Partnership for Education
$20.0m Guinea Worm Eradication
$18.7m Malawi stunting prevention
$18.6m Ethiopia National Deworming Programme
$17.7m India National Deworming Programme
$17.0m Transforming the Market for HIV Self-Tests
$16.5m Tayari - Getting Children Ready to Learn
$16.2m Reducing under-5 mortality in Uganda
$15.8m Boosting renewable energy as part of China’s energy system revolution
$15.0m China Carbon Pricing (Phase 2)
$15.0m Making Every Baby Count Initiative
$15.0m Adolescents 360
$15.0m Super-efficient air conditioning & the phase-down of HFCs
$14.9m In Their Hands
$14.6m Averting anaemia in Bangladesh
$13.0m UDAAN – Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy in Rajasthan
$12.6m Nutrition solutions for smallholder farmer families in East Africa
$11.5m Reducing Unsafe Abortion Among Adolescents – an Integrated Response
$11.3m Galli Galli Sim Sim (Phase 2)
$10.0m SheDecides Commitment - Marie Stopes International
$10.0m Fighting to end child slavery
$10.0m Scaling Up Community Health in Africa - Living Goods/Last Mile Health
$8.6m RajPusht
$7.6m Industrial Decarbonisation
$7.1m Better early learning for urban children in India
$7.1m Reinventing community management of acute malnutrition
$6.3m Facilitating Learning & Action with Women’s Groups
$6.3m Valuing Corporate Carbon (Phase 2)
$6.0m China Coal Consumption
$6.0m Transforming measurement for every newborn
$5.3m Rolling out a global emissions accounting system for cities
$5.3m Safe childbirth checklist - India
$4.5m Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)
$4.5m Tackling stunting & severe wasting together in Tanzania
$4.1m Born Healthy: addressing maternal infections in pregnancy to improve newborn outcomes
$4.0m International Forum of Energy - Civil Society Support
$4.0m 21st Century Power Partnership (Phase 2)
$4.0m Alternative formulations of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (phase 2)
$3.8m India Safe Care, Saving Lives
$3.7m Child labour free Jaipur
$3.6m Access to Justice for Children
$3.0m International Forum of Energy - Technical Assistance
$3.0m More transparent climate action
$3.0m Transforming SAM treatment in India - Phase 1
$2.8m No Wasted Lives Coalition
$1.4m Young Lives
$1.4m Improving efficiency of SAM treatment in Nigeria
$1.0m Victors, not Victims: Survivors Leadership Programme
$1.0m Education Development Impact Bond
$1.0m Digital Academy on Low-Carbon Power Systems
$1.0m Creating an African Youth Digital platform (Shujaaz)
$1.0m Better tools for planning nutrition programmes
$0.9m Africa Early Childhood Network (AfECN)
$0.9m Campaign against commercial sexual exploitation of children
$0.9m The Trickle-Up Effect
$0.8m UNAIDS - Launch of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition
$0.8m Real world development of early childhood development metrics
$0.8m Global Restoration Hub
$0.8m Adding It Up for Adolelescents Phase II
$0.8m The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Phase II
$0.7m Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme
$0.7m Climate Briefing Service
$0.6m Supporting UK environment and climate law
$0.5m Climate Mitigation Philanthropy Accelerator Platform Project
$0.4m Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (Phase 2)
$0.4m UK Air Quality Health Campaign
$0.4m Girls Not Brides
$0.4m HIV/AIDS Alliance - Civil Society for the Global HIV Prevention Agenda
$0.3m mHealth Mozambique Trial
$0.3m The Hole: A documentary about the Montreal Protocol
$0.3m Nothing for Us Without Us
$0.3m Project Sprout: Protoyping New Approaches to Preventing SAM
$0.2m Elevating Youth Voices
$0.2m SAM prevention – Adding Wasting Outcomes
$0.2m Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, Phase 2
$0.2m Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM)
$0.2m Pathways to achieving healthy and sustainable diets
$0.2m Galvanising Global Support for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
$0.2m Intergenerational equity in climate geoengineering
$0.1m Supporting Strategies to Catalyse Carbon Dioxide Removal
Contraceptive Implant Volume Guarantee
Loan to MANA Nutrition

Grant values are calculated at the prevailing US dollar rate at the date of the contract.