Grant portfolio

We seek urgent and lasting change for children.

$53.7m The Power of Nutrition
$48.8m Accelerating children's HIV treatment in Africa
$45.0m Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Nigeria (Phase 2)
$28.5m Sustainable Undernutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE!)
$24.8m European Climate Foundation
$24.3m C40: Carbon neutral cities by 2050
$23.7m Early Learning Partnership (Phase 2)
$22.9m China Sustainable Cities Project Phase 2
$20.0m Guinea Worm Eradication
$20.0m Clean Air Fund
$18.1m India Power Sector Reform
$17.2m Tayari - Getting Children Ready to Learn
$17.0m Transforming the Market for HIV Self-Tests
$16.6m Boosting renewable energy as part of China’s energy system revolution
$16.0m ClientEarth Phase II
$15.1m Ethiopia National Deworming Programme
$15.1m India National Deworming Programme
$15.0m Adolescents 360
$14.9m In Their Hands
$13.0m UDAAN – Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy in Rajasthan
$12.6m Nutrition solutions for smallholder farmer families in East Africa
$11.5m Reducing Unsafe Abortion Among Adolescents – an Integrated Response
$11.3m Nutrition Advocacy
$11.3m Galli Galli Sim Sim (Phase 2)
$11.0m Foundation for International Law for the Environment
$10.2m RajPusht
$10.0m Scaling Up Community Health in Africa - Living Goods/Last Mile Health
$10.0m Fighting to end child slavery
$9.7m Climate strategic litigation Europe
$9.6m C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
$9.0m Supporting the global energy transition
$8.7m Curbing Brazil’s transport emissions trajectory by transforming city mobility
$8.0m International Forum of Energy - Technical Assistance
$7.6m Industrial Decarbonisation
$7.3m Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS)
$7.3m Facilitating Learning & Action with Women’s Groups
$7.1m Better early learning for urban children in India
$7.0m Centre for Climate Integrity
$6.8m Reinventing community management of acute malnutrition
$6.6m Rolling out a global emissions accounting system for cities
$6.3m Valuing Corporate Carbon (Phase 2)
$6.0m China Coal Consumption
$5.8m International Climate Politics Hub (ICPH)
$5.7m Tackling stunting & severe wasting together in Tanzania
$4.9m EDF Methane Satellite
$4.7m Accelerating momentum towards a global phase down of HFCs (Phase 2)
$4.6m Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)
$4.0m 21st Century Power Partnership (Phase 2)
$4.0m International Forum of Energy - Civil Society Support
$4.0m Born Healthy: addressing maternal infections in pregnancy to improve newborn outcomes
$3.7m Child labour free Jaipur
$3.6m Access to Justice for Children
$3.0m More transparent climate action
$2.9m Illuminating global supply chains to eliminate child labour
$2.8m No Wasted Lives Coalition
$1.5m UK leadership on climate change
$1.5m Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme (K-CEP)
$1.4m Improving efficiency of SAM treatment in Nigeria
$1.0m UK Climate Campaign
$1.0m Victors, not Victims: Survivors Leadership Programme
$1.0m Bharosa (Trust): Partnership between Police and Children for Prevention of Child Exploitation/Abuse
$1.0m Better tools for planning nutrition programmes
$0.9m EU Climate and Clean Energy Innovation
$0.9m The Trickle-Up Effect
$0.9m Comprehensive Defence-Deterrence System to tackle Sexual Exploitation of Children
$0.8m UK Youth Voter Registration
$0.8m Carbon Tracker Company Analytics: accelerating the shift in capital away from fossil fuel sector
$0.8m Real world development of early childhood development metrics
$0.8m Adding It Up for Adolelescents Phase II
$0.7m India Power Sector Scoping
$0.7m Programme Scoping for South East Asia Energy Transition
$0.7m C40 Knowledge Hub
$0.5m Perinatal Survival in India and Kenya
$0.2m SAM prevention – Adding Wasting Outcomes
$0.2m Extinction Rebellion
Loan to MANA Nutrition

Grant values are calculated at the prevailing US dollar rate at the date of the contract.