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Mar 2015 – Feb 2018

Helping governments provide quality education



Multiple countries – Global

To help governments in developing countries provide quality education to every child, by linking state and non-state actors.

$2,367,000 Multi-Year Grant Value

Other funders

  • UBS Optimus Foundation -

  • Omidyar Network -

  • Michael and Susan Dell Foundation -

  • Porticus Foundation -

  • Central Square Foundation

The investment will improve the learning outcomes of eight million children by improving the quality of - and access to - private and public preschools and primary schools.

The Education Partnership Group (formerly the Public Private Partnerships Practice) will work with governments to create and regulate a broad pool of service providers that will provide quality education to children at a cost that matches the per child expenditure by government in public schools.  

The Education Partnership Group will provide support to national and sub-national governments to help them work in partnership with the private sector in order to deliver quality education through the following activities:

  • generating evidence and interest for public private partnerships
  • understanding and shaping government agendas
  • launching pilots
  • supporting implementation at scale
  • leading global reform on public private partnerships

The group is working to strengthen its capacity, clarify its strategy, and establish systems and processes to support the ambition of the programme both within India and globally. 

This is being supported by a team from Sir Michael Barber's Education Delivery Institute (EDI), who have deep knowledge and experience with operationalising school reform and change.  This grant is being managed by UBS Optimus Foundation.


The first privately-managed government schools have now been launched (or are in the final stages of being launched) in Nairobi, New Delhi, and the Western Cape. 

New Delhi’s first privately-managed government school was launched in July 2015. The school is already over-subscribed and the government intends to work with the private providers to launch 20 more schools in 2016. 

Both Nairobi and the Western Cape schools will open in 2016.