Grant portfolio

We seek urgent and lasting change for children.

$48.8m Accelerating children's HIV treatment in Africa
$45.0m Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Nigeria (Phase 2)
$28.5m Sustainable Undernutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE!)
$25.0m Human papilloma virus vaccinations for adolescent girls
$20.0m Guinea Worm Eradication
$17.2m Tayari - Getting Children Ready to Learn
$16.2m Reducing under-5 mortality in Uganda
$15.2m Making Every Baby Count Initiative
$15.1m Ethiopia National Deworming Programme
$15.0m Adolescents 360
$14.9m In Their Hands
$12.6m Nutrition solutions for smallholder farmer families in East Africa
$11.5m Reducing Unsafe Abortion Among Adolescents – an Integrated Response
$10.6m Improving Maternal and Newborn Health Care in Ethiopia
$10.0m Scaling Up Community Health in Africa - Living Goods/Last Mile Health
$10.0m SheDecides Commitment - Marie Stopes International
$4.6m Tackling stunting & severe wasting together in Tanzania
$1.4m Improving efficiency of SAM treatment in Nigeria
$0.9m Africa Early Childhood Network (AfECN)
$0.8m Adding It Up for Adolelescents Phase II
$0.3m Project Sprout: Protoyping New Approaches to Preventing SAM

Grant values are calculated at the prevailing US dollar rate at the date of the contract.