Nov 2014 – Sep 2017

All-in-one contraceptive injections - Phase 2: Scaling-up access



Multiple countries – Global

To create a sustainable global market for Sayana Press to increase access to an innovative contraceptive choice for girls and women

$14,375,001 Multi-Year Grant Value

Other funders

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -

  • USAID -

  • DFID -


Increasing user-controlled choices through self-medication and self-diagnosis empowers girls and is a pillar of our adolescent sexual health strategy. Contraceptive self-injection using Sayana Press is a cornerstone of this vision, bringing with it the potential to transform the family planning landscape.

CIFF has been a leader in this field since our initial support for Sayana Press in 2014, which proved the feasibility of self-injection and shaped the market by lowering prices, introduction in new countries and Phase 1 of developing a generic alternative.

This programme includes a subsidy to immediately reduce the price of Sayana Press, register the product in new countries where the demand for family planning is high, and provide training for health workers to offer the product and counsel girls and women.

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Our current programme has performed strongly, giving us confidence that the size of our ambition is reasonable. With this new investment we estimate that by 2022 there will be 9.6 million regular users of Sayana Press – growing to 12.7 million with a competitor product – across 25 countries, a quarter of which will be self-injecting.

The programme has significantly reduced the price of Sayana Press to $1.00 per unit. New orders are being tracked over 2015 and 2016, with success ultimately determined by whether volumes are sufficient to sustain further price reductions.