Sep 2014 – Jul 2019

Tayari - Getting Children Ready to Learn



Kenya – Africa

To design, test, prove and scale new preschool models that the public education system in Kenya can deliver sustainably.

$17,169,000 Grant Value

$1,827,000 evaluation budget

Other funders

  • Government of Kenya

The programme will include three key components:

  • Development of a high-quality, cost-effective early learning model to help young children gain important literacy, numeracy and social-emotional skills to succeed in primary school. Activities will include developing teaching and learning materials, and testing and implementing the model in both Government and private preschools
  • Independent third-party evaluation to measure the impact of the programme on children, using the standard Kenya School Readiness Assessment Tool developed by the Government
  • Global advocacy to share the results and lessons learnt from Kenya’s model, to inform other countries, donors, private sector providers and non-state actors, and to advance the cost-effectiveness of future early childhood education programmes


By 2018, the Tayari programme will have reached 118,148 learners aged 4-6 years in 2,076 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres: 1,772 public and 304 low-cost private centres. Through the programme, 4,307 teachers will be trained and supported by county government officers.

Teacher training modules, teacher guides and learners’ materials have been developed and are compliant with the competency-based curriculum that was launched by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development in January 2018. The teachers and learners are provided with teacher guides and learners workbooks, respectively, at a ratio of 1:1.

In addition, Tayari has a hand-washing component alongside education. At St Agnes Junior School Centre in Njiru slum, the children are committed to washing their hands with soap and water before taking their snack and after using the toilet during break times.

Teacher Francisca

Meet Francisca

The Tayari programme has impacted children and teachers at the classroom level, as demonstrated by Teacher Francisca Mbuvi. She has shown remarkable improvement in her teaching methods and class presentation as a result of the Tayari programme. She is always well-prepared, the resources that she has developed in her classroom are colourful and varied, and the way she engages learners is interactive and the children are actively engaged.

“I don’t know what to say to Tayari… You have made me what I am today. I have a job and here I am doing my work excellently. Tayari is the program for all of us teachers. Thank you Tayari.” - Francisca