Mar 2015 – Dec 2022

The Power of Nutrition



Multiple countries – Global

To create an independent fund for nutrition to catalyse new resources and support high impact programmes to improve children’s nutrition at scale.

$53,737,917 Grant Value

$1,262,083 evaluation budget


Other funders

  • UBS Optimus Foundation -

  • DFID

The Power of Nutrition will aim to protect 10 million children from stunting, and save at least 100,000 children’s lives.

The Power of Nutrition is a partnership of investors and implementers committed to helping children grow to their full potential, ending the cycle of undernutrition, and enabling countries to build strong and prosperous communities. 

They are working together to unlock $1 billion in new financing to accelerate the fight against child undernutrition faster and on a scale that few can achieve alone.

The Power of Nutrition multiplies contributions from each new investor by a guaranteed four times. The full amount is directed to nutrition interventions on the ground – not to overheads or operating expenses.

For the first time, a combination of private and public finances will support country-led programmes that target child undernutrition at scale. Every one dollar donated by private funders will be multiplied four times with new financing secured from other funders.

The Power of Nutrition turns investment into impact


The Power of Nutrition was launched in April 2015, supported by CIFF, UBS Optimus Foundation, the UK's Department for International DevelopmentUNICEF and the World Bank.

In July 2015, the Power of Nutrition announced its first investment - a $20 million investment in Tanzania to co-finance a major new nutrition initiative intended to help 20 million children and 5 million women by 2020. You can read more about the Tanzania investment here.

In June 2016, the Power of Nutrition announced an investment to tackle child under-nutrition in post-Ebola Liberia. You can read more about the Liberia investment here.

In November 2016, CIFF contracted Mathematica Policy Research to conduct an external evaluation of The Power of Nutrition’s activities and impact. The baseline report documented the Power of Nutrition’s early vision, the evolution of its model, its approach to fundraising and investments, as well as the progress to date on their activities. The report is now available to download in CIFF’s Document Library as well as on Mathematica’s website.

In May 2017, Mathematica also produced a report on indicators for key nutrition interventions, this document can be viewed here.   

Power of Nutrition report